The Rolling Stones
The LeMonheads
The Gin Blossoms
The DooRs
The Who
the MonKees 
Kings of Leon
The Beatles...
--songs like
Dirty Water
(Boston You're my home!)

What I like about You
You've ReallY GoT Me
Bang A Gong
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Good Lovin'
Livin La Vida Loca


February  27, 2015 • Friday!!
7:30~10:30 Acoustic Party Rock Duo : ) : )

    Independence Grill @ The Radisson
    10 Independence Drive
    Chelmsford, MA
                   The Rockoholics entertaining as an acoustic duo


                                        • •   •     • •  •      • •  •   

The Rockoholics are performing as an acoustic-style duo.
Boston/Merrimack Valley playing Classic Party Rock music!
Popular club band available for special events.

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                                                                                                                                      Get your PARTY ROCK ON !

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